“All intelligent investing is value investing.” – Charlie Munger.

Currently, the author is a National University of Singapore Economics Honours graduate. He believes strongly in value investing as unlike other techniques (e.g. Technical analysis), value investing suits his style more.

His very first exposure to investing started in 2010 when he began reading a book, “The Dhandho Investor” by Mohnish Pabrai. Intrigued with the idea of purchasing a dollar for 50 cents, he started his own investment and it has been a non-stop learning journey for him. He currently covers Asian markets such as Singapore & Hong Kong though occasionally, he may dabble into other ASEAN markets. After all, geographical boundaries should not bind him if companies are priced cheaply elsewhere.

If you wish to contact him or discuss more with regard to his posts, feel free to drop a comment or email him at thevaluethought@gmail.com



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