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Close down

Hi all, as I am unable to commit on a frequent basis and given that I am currently busy with my work commitments, it is unfortunate for me to announce that this blog will cease to be updated. It has been a great journey so far. My passion in investing is still going ever strong but we … Continue reading

New Approach

With the limited time I have and weighing the pros & cons, I have decided that committing more time to researching on new companies will be the better option – as compared to writing up research posts. Nonetheless, this blog will still continue and the post will be largely on my personal portfolio updates – probably accompanied … Continue reading

China Minzhong (CMZ) – Post 2012 3Q Conference Call

Following up from my previous post on CMZ, I had the privilege to have a call with their IR manager Dave Tan, to better understand the effects of the late winter. Below are the key notes from the conference call – please a note if you are interested for the full version. I am now … Continue reading

China Minzhong – Mgmt Share Structure *Updated*

Edited: Thanks to Vseeker, there was a slight mistake in my calculation. The share transfer to CFO Siek’s CDP account is entirely based on his (CFO) own shares and have no relation to CEO Lin Guo Rong’s shares. Nonetheless, the discrepancy does not change my underlying conclusion much – except the added question of the rationale … Continue reading

EVA Precision Holdings (0838.HK)

If you have noticed from my recent portfolio updated post, you will have noticed that I had taken a position in this company. Till date, given the poor global sentiments (again!), I have divested my entire stake in EVA, suffered a 30% loss as I was proven to be too overly-bullish on this counter. The … Continue reading

CSE Global – Substantial Shareholders (CAM & Amundi)

Given the recent sell down on CSE Global counter, I figured it will be good to do a write up about its substantial shareholders (SSH) and also some thoughts regarding Amundi’s recent sell down. For those who do not know, one can easily check out the list of substantial shareholders of company through its annual … Continue reading

My Portfolio – 2012 1Q

At the end of 2012 1Q, my portfolio stands at 1.35 NAV, representing a profit (unrealised) of 35%. Overview of Portfolio: First off, I am back to posting after my long exam break. And what a roller coaster ride 1Q 2012 has been! If our memories serve us correctly, it was not long during the … Continue reading

Mistake #5 – Price is a positive correlation of emotions

I am not sure how many of you are invested in HK stocks but the rally since January has hit a reversal. Ever since Premier Wen revised China’s growth to 7.5% (from 8%) and an affirmation that property prices are still on a high, the HSI & HSCEI have both corrected back to their January … Continue reading

My Investment Research Process (Part 3a) – Stock Idea Generation

First of all, apologies for the lack of update. I have been recently too busy with my own personal commitment and my university mid terms was round the corner as well. And with the little time available, I reckon it will be best used to read on some of the stocks under my watch list. … Continue reading

CSE Global – FY2011 Review

CSE Global had just released their FY2011 results tonight. I have compiled together a 7-year historical P&L and Balance Sheet Statement below: *Sorry for the size, click on it for full view Some of my thoughts: CSE results wasn’t that much of a shocker given they had already issued a profit warning and FY11 PAT … Continue reading


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