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Mistake #5 – Price is a positive correlation of emotions

I am not sure how many of you are invested in HK stocks but the rally since January has hit a reversal. Ever since Premier Wen revised China’s growth to 7.5% (from 8%) and an affirmation that property prices are still on a high, the HSI & HSCEI have both corrected back to their January … Continue reading

Mistake #4 – Investment is a happening activity

The recent bull run since the start of 2012 has made many investors wonder if all is well. Will the rally be a fake? After all, things at Europe didn’t really turn for the better at all. Yet, a majority of the days in 2012 have ended with a green on most counters. Expectantly, those … Continue reading

Mistake #3 – Compromising on your margin of safety

“Human emotion and irrationality often lead to market folly as investors are driven by the typical fear and greed.” And this is the focal point of my mistake #3. If you have been sticking closely to the market (SGX) announcements for the past year till date, you will have realised there had been several takeover … Continue reading

Mistake #2 – All In!!

As value investors, our main indicator is only on one key aspect – VALUE. That is going on an everyday treasure hunt to source for undervalued gems and to purchase them at 50c for a dollar. I don’t know about you but when I chanced upon a potential ‘treasure’, excitement and adrenaline filled me. I … Continue reading

Mistake #1 – Academic Flaw

The festive season is here and I am currently a little lull in my commitment for stock research. However, while I’m still in the midst of consolidating some research on the few stocks which I’ve analysed, I thought it might be useful to archive a list of mistakes which I’ve learned throughout my humbling investing … Continue reading


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